Portugal meets Australia

"To love and be loved in return is everything."

Carla’s from Portugal. Dom’s from Australia. Culturally they may different. Emotionally, they’re soulmates. Their guests’ speeches highlighted they’re two of a kind; two special human beings who were brought together because will or fate decided. I make their words my own. 

On this day, their day, in the heart of Estoril, all those present witnessed true love. This is true for every wedding I photograph, you’re right to assume, but some weddings show you there are no impossible things. Not only were they able to mobilize family and friends from all the corners of the world, but made it their goal to honour all those absent by lighting candles and raising glasses. In a day where Portuguese and English was heard in every corner, there was no fear or awkward moments. Language’s not a problem because all got together to share moments of sheer happiness, and that speaks no language. The party went on and all danced without a care in the world. All that mattered were these two. 

2nd shooter: Paulo Moura
Wedding Planning: Unique Weddings in Portugal
Venue: Forte da Cruz
Catering: Penha Longa Catering
Florals and decor: Cor de Mel
Photos pannel: Artist David Arranhado
Video: Torga


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